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When a statement is made in which consists of actual truth and facts with validity.

It can also be used to agree with someone which is subjective truth.
E.g - Faxx or Fiction?

E.g 2 - 'You tell em, that's faxx'

E.g 3- Arnold said 'Sarah has not been working hard enough to get her a promotion'. John replied 'Faxx'.
by Shayan Raei November 02, 2017
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Short for Fascination Maxx. A Dance Dance Revolution song that has an extremely hard stepfile.
DDR Dude 1: ZOMG! I totally just AAAd Faxx!
DDR Dude 2: No way! Faxx is too hard with all of it's speed changes!
by Max. (period) December 09, 2007
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