The collective term for a group of chonky cats.
I missed feeding time for my chonks by 1 minute and the whole fattening almost murdered me for it!
by palauanguy86 April 8, 2022
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When something happens that's basically annoying, but it goes beyond this..especially applies to when something unintentional or unusual happens. Also Related to Thinining.
Someone goes to work and its been cancelled; Thats extremely fattening.

"I've just dropped my new torch, that's Fat".
by Danilius November 19, 2009
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to make really really fat...or fatter than it is now. Like a great girlfriend gainer.
oh man anna has fattened up sooooo much over the last summer. She must have gained like 30 lbs.
by fatwomanluv May 29, 2006
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The quality in food that will potentially make someone fatter. A high content of fats, calories, etc.
That butter cake is extremely fattening.
by Old Scratch October 29, 2006
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A virtual effect mostly used to fatten up bass songs. It has been a running joke in the music community because it only has 2 knobs to control the effects. It can also be pronounced "Sosig fattener" for more ironic intent
ok so first you gotta put an OTT on the rack, and then you have to apply 128 instances of the sausage fattener and boom you have the best song evurr
by Tacobirb July 2, 2019
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Food that's really, really bad for you.
Joe: Did you get a piece of Susie's birthday cake?
Jenny: Oh yeah, it's so trans fattening, but I couldn't resist.
by dollfixer July 24, 2008
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