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Fatal (Fatali Shah) is the name of a king whom is famous for being legend of "Fuck and Run".
He has many other nick names like : Col. Fatal , Fatali , King Fatal , Uncle Fatal (TBH like his cousin uncle sam of U.S.A ) , Fatality , Fat-h-ali-shah , etc .
Historically the Highness , Ariamehr bokon , Playboy of his time , Master of the Slide was one of the most handsome man in the known and unknown world.
According to the book "Legend of Folk" written by AourA Bokondaro, he had 180-195 wife.(the number is not accurate)
+Molok-ol-Saltane: oh,look...Col. Fatali is here,he will bang us all.
-Sonbol Baji: you wish, Khazan-ol-dole has invited him to 'Androni' for tonight.
by will durant August 19, 2018
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A fucking disappointmet of a dragon, beautiful and powerful, but not agressive or assertive.
wow...the fucking Fatalis is a wuss!
now comes in 4 colors: Black, white, Crimson, Emerald.
by Emerald Void December 31, 2008
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