A person who sits in their bedroom all day taking potent hoots of oil and hash in a 2 foot tall bong playing world of warcraft and playing xbox 360
Person 1: Look at Adam that potent fag playing world of warcraft and taking bong hits, someone smack that Fathead.

Person 2: No shit, hes starting to smell like cabbage!
by Someone Potent March 26, 2007
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a person who says dum things yet is still adorable for saying it
I know you missed me fathead
by Waaj October 07, 2011
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1.) A large, mammalian creature usually referred to by the name of "Weber." Also known as "Webz0r," "big head," or "goober-melon."

2.)n. Slang
A stupid person

3.)n. (a) The blueback salmon of the North Pacific; -- called also nerka. See Blueback (b) . (b) The rosefish. (c) A large California labroid food fish (Trochocopus pulcher); -- called also fathead. (d) The red bass, red drum, or drumfish.

4.)n : a stupid fool syn: goof, jackass, goose, cuckoo, zany, ubergeek, webz0r-extremeo, teh ghey, H@x0r, CS-M@$t0r
Beware Weber's fathead. He may eat your children. Despite his fathead, we love him.
by WhoDunThis January 21, 2004
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This guy at our school is known as fat head!
Hahaha, look at the size of his head, he has a fat head!
by Chunky Monkey December 11, 2003
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Someone who's head has a unusually large circumference or bears a resemblance to John Madden.
Mark: Anna, move yo fathead lookin' ass, I can't see the board.
Anna: Shut up!

Mark: You look like John Madden... yo fathead lookin' ass!
by rawrthaas February 25, 2010
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