A funny word that is very under used because it doesn't have any curses or dirty words in it.
Me yelling at my brother: YOU FAT HEAD!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
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A dumbass that thinks circumcision means circular decision.
Fathead a.k.a. Kandace.
Fathead loves circumcision. It helps her get through her dilemmas.
by Madeline (Hermaphrodite) June 08, 2004
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Someone who has an extremely large head and always gets made fun of for it.
Hey, you know that Chris Fleming kid? He's a Fat Head.
by RedmanChew August 01, 2012
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Used to describe someone that is annoying or does something annoying.
Person: I bought you twizzlers but then I ate them..
Me: You’re such a fathead!
via giphy
by the lightskin from degeneres? February 05, 2019
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Another name for the sneaker commonly known as Air Force 1's
"My man B got dem new fatheads in red and black. Dem joints is the truth!"
by Nausea Jenkins October 19, 2005
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