A person that does not actually have an over-sized head, but is great to hang out with, also can be payed out constantly but actually knows that they are great friends
by matthew.rhodes January 14, 2009
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What you have the day after you polish off a case of beer, and your head continues to pound.
I've got a fathead because I got so fucking drunkg last night.
by Nicholas Salisbury September 22, 2005
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some one who drives like an idiot, and crashes into trees
Police "do you drive carefully?"
Joe"yeah of course"
Emma" no you drive like a FAT HEAD you left half your tires in brough"
rest of members in car "arrest him"
by corsa crew March 29, 2009
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nick name for a ground worker whom's head will not fit through doorways, under bridges or on trains. other habits may include drinking carling and pulling one side of their face down to make a wonky fat head.
wow, look at that bloke digging a hole wearing orange, he is such a fat head
by Tom wilcox September 18, 2011
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a women thats pregnaunt to an alcoholic tattooed skateboarder who is extremly slow and has a big head..
corrinne you freaking fathead hurry up and have your illegitimate child to that tattooed drunk ass cockspank josh
by the shauno April 21, 2008
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