The movie that doubled the price of Toyota Supras just because they were in the movie. The only good part of the movie is when Vin Diesel drives the dragster on the street.
D00d I bought Fast and the Furious
by fastcr80 April 5, 2005
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The Holy Grail of rice-boy movies (you know, the loud, obnoxious kids with slow cars). Explains many mysteries and fads of the current import car scene. Proves that form over function is the true defenition of import racing and that one don't have to go fast to win a race. Promotes the use of obscure facts (read: HP/L is more important than HP or lb/ft). Also, a great insult for a wannabe stunt double for said movie. It's nitrous, morons.
Man I just watched The Fast and the Furious! Now I gotta get an APC wing, fart cannon muffler, LED washer nozzles and some phat stickers if I'm gonna beat those dumbestic white boys! AZN POWAH.
by ^Xeno August 4, 2003
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An undeservedly popular film that, considering it is set in a real world where the laws of physics and science apply, is bereft of even the slightest shred of credibility. So much so that even a scene of someone taking a piss on a pavement would have been executed in the most unrealistic manner possible. In fact, piss could no doubt be converted into emergency fuel in this films universe. But taking the piss is all this film will do to anyone with a 3 digit IQ.

It, along with it's many sequels and clones, is widely responsible for motivating the chav populace of Britain to mod their 2nd hand/ stolen / scrapyard Vauxhall Nova's by adding spoilers, neon lights and great big exhausts that virtually any person could fit up.

To put the twattyness of this film into perspective, the opening racing scene strongly alludes that the main characters car is going so fast that he is just one inch away from time travel. Anyone who watches on beyond this scene, on basis of enjoyment and not criticism, is a fucking cunt of the highest order. For bonus twattage, Vin Diesel is seen wearing a Christian necklace throughout, despite his spare time hobbies of illegal street racing, highway thieving and gang related drive-by shootings.

Rated "R" for Retards.
chav retards fFast and the Furious
by deeaitch October 2, 2009
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The movie that re defined chemistry. Apparently it is now possible to blow up an inert gas (NOS) by using a cigarette lighter. Nitrous (aka. NOS) is actually Nitrous Oxide or N2O. I do not see any hydrocarbons to burn there.(Quick chemistry lesson: When nitrous oxide is heated up, such as in an engine, it breaks apart to become separate nitrogen and oxygen molecules. This provides more oxygen to the engine which in turn gives you more performance) The movie that also gave a bad name to the R34 Skyline, and the Supra, and BMW, and many other respectable cars. As for exhaust manifold buildup... the only way I can see this happening is if your turbo suddenly decided it liked being a brick wall instead.
Even though Hollywood says it's possible, you still cannot burn an inert gas. Fast and the Furious made my inner car guy cry.
by 970AG April 27, 2009
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A street racing series that used to be all about racing. and actually had focus on the fans. However, once "Fast and Furious" was made, everything about the series did a flip, now only focusing on action and explosions that would make Michael Bay proud. In essence, the car series has become a cash cow.
Person 1: Goddamn, I hear the new Fast and the Furious movie is coming tomorrow!

Person 2: Yeah, I would rather save my movie. Honestly, what the fuck does "family" mean in the movie?
by senthurmanz April 26, 2017
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movie I'll watch but never buy or rent with my own money.
The movie's alright as long as you're watching for free so you don't have to beat yourself up over the transparent plot.
by Shawn E. June 24, 2003
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A totally retarded movie about criminals and a cop who basically the entire movie is them racing fast cars and high-tailing it away from cops.
Fast and the Furious is booty ass donkey balls
by anonymous June 14, 2003
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