An extreme form of government that is controlled by a dictator. The dictator rules with an iron fist, often through terror, violence, and racism.
Adolf Hitler was a fascist dictator in germany in the years 1933-1945.

That guy`s such a friggen Fascist!
by Taylor B. February 8, 2006
a word that leftists use to describe people who don't agree with them. Even though they use this word, they are the true fascists
Billy: I think Trump is ok
Karen: You sexist dumb fascist nazi
by nickcityplanner November 1, 2019
A word that originally referred to an extreme form of authoritarian government that originated in Italy, but is now used as a catch-all term for any form of political philosophy which you want to criticise without engaging in genuine debate.
Person 1: Immigration is having both positive and negative consequences!
by PulpFictional February 13, 2015
A bunch of burgoise really abusing the Proletarians, like Stalinist communism (which is nothing but a big sell out of the Proletarians to the Burgoise) and Laissez Faire only one thousands times worse. Thank god we kicked their asses in WWII. Also, most are racists and imperialists. The PATRIOT act is trying to revive this.
Bush is a fascist, not Robert Heinlein.
by Catholiccommunist April 9, 2006
Somebody who believes that the government should be run by dictation
Some guy: Facists suck.
by flaris November 3, 2004
A Fascist is someone who thinks that certain acts will make them look cool and sophisticated, they look down upon people they percieve not to be as cool or as sophisticated as they see themselves. They like to drink expensive espresso's in overpriced coffee shops and they also like to eat a lot of sushi, wheather they like it or not, they are sometimes confused with Hipsters, Yuppies and posers but they are more of a mixture of the three.
Look at those Fascists paying $20 for a coffee.
Sorry folks we are out of sashimi because these Fascists ate it all.
by D Madness July 17, 2012