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Someone who is highly skilled in the art of farting with well-developed sphinchter control that allows them to control both the duration and acoustics of their farts. A fartisan may deliberately eat certain foods in order to increase their fart power.
He possessed an uncanny ability to fart. He could release them slowly producing a fart as long as eight seconds or propel them out with one large sphinctoral push to produce a more powerful but shorter fart. He was a true fartisan and skilled fartsman.
by Lucius Atkinson June 05, 2018
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Someone who farts in an artistic way so he can avoid being detected among a group
Teacher: Ughhh... it smells who did that?????
Class: Silence......
Teacher: Seems like we have a fartisan among us
by alohamaer January 09, 2012
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Fake artisan. A product that pretends to be hand-made and artistically crafted, but is mass-produced and mass-marketed.
Subway introduced a new specialty sandwich on fartisan bread.
by Coyoty June 07, 2017
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