"Oh man, When My dad left the bathroom, I saw the end half of a unicorn sticking out of the toilet"

"Cheer up Joe, Farkel Happens. Get used to it."

"Reports show that NASA has found traces of Farkel on Uranus"

"He just scared the living Farkel out of me.."
by EmoSnorlax July 2, 2009
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Someone who is just flat out nerdy.

They wear calf high socks pulled all the way up with their shorts;

they wear sandals with socks on;

the kind of people you just look at and wonder how they survive from day to day because they are just so... unique, but in a bad way;

the kind of people look like rednecks, stuck in the 90s, who's dressed by their grandmas, and is just flat out retarded;

the kind of people as Carlos Mencia would say "D D D";

the kind of fat lady who wears sweatpants and crocks, a shirt with Weenie the Pooh on it, and has her gut hanging out while walking around Walmart talking to random people;

somebody with four toes two are attached, who cuts and stitches toe socks to fit their inbred feet, then wears sandals so that everyone can see.
Person 1: Look over there!

Person 2: Wow! Knee high socks and shorts, and a mullet!! What a farkel!
by Kolten September 18, 2008
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Dice game where two or more players accumulate points based on strategy and chance.
by A.Ge August 12, 2003
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You purchase farkels to accessorize your motorcycle.
by Roy Harp July 20, 2006
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The act of solving a dispute using the child's game of "Paper, Rock, Scissor".
Matt and I couldn't decide which concert to go to so we farkeled to settle the argument.
by Rick April 23, 2003
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the act of sucking your sperm out of another persons ass with a straw
When I was done hittin my girl in the dumper I grabbed a straw and went farkeling.
by sailor in a drum January 18, 2009
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