The word is generally accepted to mean a combination of "function" and "sparkle", hence, farkle.

Motorcycle enthusiasts may install accessories, called farkles (also spelled farkel), to customize their machine.
One source attributes the term to Pete Wells, the organizer of a 1997 Honda ST1100 rally,
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The term is well known in the sport touring community.

An enthusiast may be in the process of "farkling". The completed motorcycle would be all "farkled up". Radar detectors, Global Positioning System receivers, heated grips, and satellite radios are some of those farkles. Other accessories could be aftermarket seats, side and/or top cases or bar risers, which make the motorcycle more suitable for long miles.

F.A.R.K.L.E. -- Fancy Accessory Really Kool Likely Expensive
by Roy Harp July 20, 2006
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The process of playing "Rock, Scissors, Paper" in a best-of-three series. The term originated from the animated series "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
"Let's farkle for first dibs on the pizza"
by David Mulder February 17, 2005
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(n.)--one who bears the qualities of pale skin, red hair and freckles.

also see: farkel
dude 1: Hey, did you see that Victoria chic?
dude 2: The one that looks like a speckled Casper?
dude 1: Yeah, but she's still a hot ass farkle!
by drewbers November 16, 2007
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the origin of the game rock -paper -scissors.
I'll farkle you for shotgun
by rossta January 27, 2005
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a game involving five dice that are rolled, the rules are similar to Yatzee
I played a long game of farkle the other day
by Dave January 25, 2005
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The term used to describe what happens when a clown gets diarrhea.
Bob the pedophile clown farkled his pants after eating a bean burrito.
by TransMayernik April 22, 2005
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