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A small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the border of Michigan and Wisconsin. Population of around 6000 people. Lots of deer. Twin city of Iron Mountain.
by Flivver July 25, 2009
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The black ash from marijuana in the bottom of a bowl ; which resembles charcoal.

(cash change roach)
As a friend goes to smoke some ash, "don't that's kingsford man!".
by Anchorage 907 September 15, 2009
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(Noun) A derogatory term to describe a black person
(verb) When a black person is being extra black
(Noun) Man look at that fucking kingsford, can you believe he got elected
(verb) How was that last table, they were kingsfording it up. All they wanted was strawberry lemonade and buffalo wings and they didn't tip SHIT
by kingsford jones July 07, 2009
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