"Who's the man that will risk his a$$ for any woman?" "Mawson!" "Damn right!"

To Mawson is to risk your ass, it's cool to Mawson and doing it/him will earn you some Kudos for you next life too ;)
When some awe-inspiring guy called Luke M came into this world, he Mawson'd the nurse.. she later thanked him.
by Ruuku Bananahammock June 7, 2006
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To keep ones job whilst repeatedly failing to deliver the goods.

Derives from the Actor Tony Mawson - who's repeat performance failures have not inhibited his career.
Is that Mawson still fucking up those servers
by Inherent in the system January 21, 2008
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Someone who appears impervious to damage except for their glasses. Any time they enter physical conflict they come out unscathed except for their glasses, which are usually broken.
Mawson got shot in the leg the other day. His glasses just fell off.
by Captain Lingo September 17, 2010
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Daddy, stalks Year 13's on Facebook, depressed, watches Roblox videos at 3:16am on a Friday, wanks to Norris from Coronation Street. Poor sod got fired
Mr Mawson is clinically depressed 24/7
by Saiz21 July 10, 2018
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