A strong Addiction usually with something that is not real and probably will never be.
Reality sucks. I much rather live in a fantasy.
by Thinkerz June 27, 2005
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Fantasy is the opposite of reality. Fantasy can be categorize in many ways. One way is by literature as a genre. Another is someone’s imagination and dreamscape. Fantasy can be used in multiple ways with various meaning.
It’s not real it’s a fantasy.

Fantasy is my favorite genre of books.
by Dreamer13_tragic November 26, 2017
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1. Opposite of reality, used in literature.

2. Someone's dream way/place to have sex.
1. I prefer fantasy novels.

2. What's your fantasy?
by A Person who does Things February 6, 2012
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In literature and entertainment, a genre of fiction in which entirely different laws of physics and/or psychics operate, allowing people, creatures, and their surroundings to exhibit behavior not possible in reality.
Fantasy literature by J.R.R. Tolkien is quite popular right now.
by Downstrike May 22, 2004
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One of the most interesting and fun genres that kicks reality's butt.
Sometimes they mix fantasy with reality and then it's fiction.

The fantasy world is way better than the real world.
by TheNewAgeRiseth May 10, 2005
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Something magical that wouldn't happen in the real world, it's also a book genre like Harry Potter books for example.
Example 1
Peter : Bob what book genre are you reading?
Bob: Oh, I'm just reading a fantasy book

Example 2
"It felt like a fantasy"
by ILikeCookiesLOL January 16, 2022
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in literature, fantasy perpetuates medieval metaphors, while science fiction creates our contemporary metaphors.
for instance, fantasy tends to revolve around battles between 'good' and 'evil', whereas science fiction often applies a more relativistic form of morality, or none at all. and robots.
by imaginary dave April 3, 2008
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