moving at an extremely high velocity.

From the Special Theory of Relativity published in 1905 by Albert Einstein and his expression e=mc^2.

Although this term is strictly a hyperbole, since only very small particles in lab accelerators can approach the speed of light, it's use can be an appropriate exaggeration in certain cases.
I just got passed by an R1, he was relativistic!
by paulvmunix February 25, 2006
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A moral relativist is one with a snarky attitude and bloated sense of self-importance. They can be found loitering about college campus' for years on end in multiple graduate school programs. If you are unfortunate to have one in your freshman philosophy class they will ask "questions" that are not so carefully disguised claims of superiority over the professor and all other students. Often known to despise organized religion and wear anti-religious bigotry on his/her sleeve, while displaying outrage at all other forms of bigotry. They become loud and angry if you point out that such outrage ironically hinges on moral absolutism.
- There is no right and wrong, there is only perception of right and wrong.
- Is that so? Well you won't mind if I do this.
::smacks moral relativist in the mouth::
- OW! Why did you do that?
- I perceived it as the right thing to do during this conversation.
by Jan OLeary May 3, 2010
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A person who has loose standards regarding the naming and preparation of beverages.
The bartender, clearly a beverage relativist, served me Pepsi when I'd definitely asked for a Coke.

Beverage relativists may disagree, but it's clear that some varieties of punch are superior to others.
by drillvoice-now April 21, 2012
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