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A MMORPG (which is like a multi-player role playing game, usually you need to log in and make an account) created in 2007 and officially released to the public at March 2008. It is a futuristic MMO, where your avatar doesn't walk, but stay on a hoverboard. Their biggest competitor is another MMORPG called "Club Penguin". Over the years this game has gained many fans. Honestly, after 2010, I would say the game went downhill- it's no longer as fun as the old days. Kinda sad, isn't it?

This game celebrates the usual events, but since 2012 the game got pretty boring due to every single week being an event(or two events). I really don't suggest playing it now expecially since there's nothing good to do and all of the good things are restricted, only being available to Premium Members now. Besides the clothing and boards are pretty unoriginal and boring. I'm so sorry.
What is there to do in Fantage?
by FaNtAgEuNkNoWn February 01, 2014
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Fantage is a website that cheats children out of 54 dollars for a membership.
Kid: Oh muh god! Mom!! Give me 54 dollars NOOWW I want a Fantage membership!!!
by fantagesucks January 18, 2010
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a place where you can be a racist player be tortured because you see people with nice clothes so that will make u want to pay the 6 bucks a month.
fantage is a waste of time. Go, make an account, get jealous then bired.
by Bluecupcakeo January 08, 2010
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A site that you don't wanna go on. It's bad for 17 year olds.
"Child: Hey dad, can I go on BuildaBearVille? Dad: No, go on fantage! Child: But it's a waste of time daddy! I'm a boy! Dad: Right now mister, go on fantage now or you will get spinach for dinner! Child: It's too girly! *Eats spinach*. Dad: Ok, clear your plate now, and go back to your old one."
by xXILikeBABVXx January 30, 2010
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A stupid game for kids who cant spell and ask 54 dollars for a membership when you go and make real friends mostly 6-10 year olds play this and they are mostly fags who dont know how to use the internet.
Omg Laquisha your daughter Shitivia was playing Fantage the other day she need to get off the computa.
by Fantage June 07, 2014
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