1) Fancy or special.

2) A fandangle is an elaborate but useless ornament. So if something is fandangled, it has been decorated to the point of excess.

3) ridiculous.

Carnsarn it Bob, I don't want no fandangled celly phone!

Those earrings are a bit fandangled aren't they?

by Boothette February 20, 2009
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To get absuletely cucked by live.
To get scammed.
Alatix: "Man i just stole "Tenku´s" Glowstone in Minecraft.
Fuxio: "Zamn, you really fandangled him."
by Alatix August 6, 2022
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I fandangled my ticked to "Tron Legacy: An IMAX 3D Experiance"
by RuggedMug December 15, 2010
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Waking up the morning after a huge party with a hurt butt and not knowing what happened.
Mitch told his butt hurt after that rager dude, i think he was seriously fandangled
by casey kramer March 28, 2007
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While making love, her husband comes home, the only way for him to hide is to clutch the ceiling fan, which works fine till her hubby flicks the switch, and his member winds up totally "fandangled."
"I'm tellin' ya, she saw him buck naked with that cute little gal! Hoo-doggies... is he gonna git fandangled when he gits home!"
by JD Ellis February 14, 2008
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"Hows about you fandangle an extra bowl of pudding for me?"

by Yank My Crank January 5, 2008
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Acting secretly, often in a manner that is frivolous and self-indulging.
Tom can't make it, he's out fandangling with his stripper friend.
by Jesse Jesse October 14, 2007
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