Toxic pieces of shit who justify their rudeness with the fact that their related to you
by XOXO FAGGOT July 19, 2020
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A family member who is inconsequential to the larger extended family. This is typically an adult family member who is single and childless. Due to this, they add little benefit to the family as a whole.
Jessica is 35, single, and can't have children. We love her, but she's a JV family member.
by JRHouston May 7, 2013
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Refers to the common but totally unproductive/destructive practice of a young child's parents and/or two or more older family members successively "delegating" or "passing the buck" from one family member to another when the youngster asks a difficult/uncomfortable question, rather than the initially-queried adult's simply saying, "I don't know" or, "That is not something you need to know just yet --- wait till you're a few years older to ask about that."
Small girl: Daddy, how was I born? Where did I come from?
Father (glancing up from his evening paper): Go ask your mother that question.
Small girl (toddling over to her mother, who is knitting by the fire): Mommy, how was I born? Where did I come from?
Mother (looking up from her knitting, surprised): You know --- that's a really excellent question... why don't you ask your father about that.
Small girl: Well, I already did --- Daddy told me to ask you.
Mother (exasperated): Oh --- well, then, I think maybe your Uncle John could help you answer that.
Small girl (going outside where her uncle is lounging on the porch swing): Uncle John, how was I born? Where did I come from?
Uncle John: Hummmm... lemme guess --- didja ask your parents about that, and they sent you to me?
Small girl: Yes, Uncle John --- Mommy said you'd be just the person to ask.
Uncle John: Ahhhh... givin' ya da ol' family-member run-around, are they?
by QuacksO October 27, 2016
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The family member you feel like you're on a reality show with, you never really had a good time when they're around, you just feel like for some unknown reason you're supposed to be nice to them even though there is no real bond there.
by Solid Mantis April 29, 2020
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