Verb. To get "handsy" after consuming a moderate amount of alcohol in a social setting, in the fashion of a middle-aged, creepy uncle.
We got a couple drinks in him, and he started with the Uncle Johning. By the end of the night, he slipped it in on a roof!
by MELKA August 16, 2010
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That one uncle who has a big ass cock! He’s always touching you in the best ways! Uncle John is that uncle who’s kinda creepy but everyone loves him cuz his PEE PEE IS HUGEEEE!
by Thicccman42069 February 7, 2019
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random person, visualised as a fat jamaican marine boilogist with pigtails, generally used when we dont know the answer to a "who" question.
"who was the 13th in line to the throne of england in the 1634?"
ans: uncle john!
by Kini July 27, 2004
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“That movie had me feelin tickled by uncle john” “that guy over there makes me feel tickled by uncle john”
by MrsPoppa August 28, 2019
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A book published by Portable Press, containing random bits of trivia in different categories, ranging from easy read all the way to long read. Little tidbits usually at the bottom of the page or at the end of a topic. There are new books every year, and sometimes there are books in one huge category (e.g. sports), Plunges into... books, and even kids' books. Used to have its own institute and its own website.
Some Dude 1: "Hey, have you ever heard of Armchair Reader?"
Some Dude 2: "Hell no, I've only ever heard of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader."
by soowutthegreat July 25, 2021
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