of blood relation; being descended from the same ancestor as another person
Him: I love my niece Emersyn and nephew Camden.
Her: Isn't it awesome to have that kind of consanguinity?
by Jax79 October 28, 2013
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mother: girl or woman who gave birth to a child

father: boy or man who was responsible for the formation of a one child or more children through sperm

parent: mother or father

grandmother: parent’s mother

grandfather: parent’s father

grandparent: parent’s parent

great-grandmother: grandparent’s mother

great-grandfather: grandparent’s father

great-grandparent: grandparent’s parent

great-great-grandmother: great-grandparent’s mother

great-great-grandfather: great-grandparent’s father

great-great-grandparent: great-grandparent’s parent

great-great-great-grandmother: great-great-grandparent’s mother

great-great-great-grandfather: great-great-grandparent’s father

great-great-great-grandparent: great-great-grandparent’s parent

daughter: girl or woman in relation to her parents

son: boy or man in relation to her parents

child: person in relation to her parents

granddaughter: child’s daughter

grandson: child’s son

grandchild: child’s child

great-granddaughter: grandchild’s daughter

great-grandson: grandchild’s son

great-grandchild: grandchild’s child

great-great-granddaughter: great-grandchild’s daughter

great-great-grandson: great-grandchild’s son

great-great-grandchild: great-grandchild’s child

great-great-great-granddaughter: great-great-grandchild’s daughter

great-great-great-grandson: great-great-grandchild’s son

great-great-great-grandchild: great-great-grandchild’s child
I am glad to see my relatives of consanguinity of straight line all gathered at Christmas.
by Mr. Jacov November 23, 2019
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