Despite what most critics would say.
to me The Fairly oddparents is a great show! It consist of adult themed humor in the form of a sarcastic 10 year old boy on the verge of puberty. this show is also littered with cynical puns that makes it popular with children as well as adults.
Average Fairly Oddparents pun.


"Timmy where did you get your 10ft mural of the Crimson Chin?"

Timmy "Umm... The Internet?"
by Lauren Laren 2010 October 2, 2009
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One DUMB show! One uneducational really DUMB show!!!
Bob and Tommy were watching the fairly oddparents on T.V.
by i am unknown February 20, 2007
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One of the GAYEST shows ever made! DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An 8-year old retard watches Fairly Oddparents all the time.
by themuffinking December 31, 2009
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Undoubtedly one of the best and funniest shows on Nickelodeon. Its hilarious scenarios and colorful characters make the program a full-blown package.

A cartoon created by Butch Hartman, the Fairly Oddparents made its grand debut in 2001. The storyline revolves around a ten-year-old named Timmy Turner with busy parents and a particularly nasty babysitter. Identified as a 'miserable kid', Timmy suddenly gets a magic nine ball thrown into his room, where his fairy godparents --- Cosmo, a well-meaning idiot, and Wanda, a witty nagging woman --- appear. Now, Timmy can wish for whatever he wants. However, there is a catch. There's a rule book, most commonly referred to as "Da Rules", which bans certain-themed wishes. Sometimes, Da Rules can be an important part of the plotline.
Also, Timmy can never tell anyone, not anybody, not even his parents or best friend, or else Cosmo And Wanda will be taken away from him.

The plotline usually involves Timmy making a wish with dire or hilarious consequences (usually both) and some recurring characters, such as:

Mr. Crocker: Timmy's insane fifth-grade teacher who is obsessed with the idea that fairies exist. He poses a huge threat to Timmy if he ever gets close enough to the truth.

Chester: Timmy's lower-class and braces wearing friend. On the journalism team with AJ.

AJ: Timmy's African-American pal with an incredible brain. On the journalism team with Chester.

Mom: Timmy's mother. A little lost upstairs, like her husband, but well-meaning.

Dad: Timmy's father. A textbook example of the idiot. Some of the most memorable quotes come from him. He often takes extreme measures to solve simple problems (i.e., using a battery ram to break down Timmy's bedroom door) and hates the Turner's next-door-neighbors, the Dinklebergs. He ultimately means well.

Jorgen von Strangle: A meathead fairy with a thick German accent that runs the Fairy Training Academy in Fairyworld. Has a huge wand and is very intimidating.

Trixie Tang: Timmy's popular and out-of-his-league crush. ALthough, she totally and completely ignores him.

Vicky: Timmy's nasty babysitter. It's been confirmed that Vicky has always been mean, even from birth. Her likes include money and pain, her dislikes include children and dirtying her own hands.

Mark Chang: Prince of the alien planet, Yugopotamia. Speaks with a typical surfer accent and seems completely oblivious to the mysteries of the human world.

Tootie: Vicky's younger sister who has an extreme, well beyond the point of obsession crush on Timmy. Timmy, however, intensely dislikes her. It is hinted at in the TV movie 'Channel Chasers' that the two fall in love, get married and have children.

All in all, the Fairly Oddparents is a wonderful cartoon with kid humor, normal humor, and some subtle, VERY subtle adult humor her and there. Anyone who's a fan of Nickelodeon will definitely enjoy the Fairly Oddparents.
The Fairly Oddparents Quote~

Wanda: He thinks everything is funny. Watch.
{turns to Cosmo}
Wanda: Pudding.
Cosmo: HAHAHAHA! She said 'pud', and then she said 'ding'!
by logostak May 15, 2008
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The perfect example of seasonal rot in a kids cartoon. What was once a great cartoon ruined by the introduction of new characters, like Poof, Foop, Sparky and Chloe.
Person 1: Man I remember when the Fairly OddParents was great, season 9 was when the show died.
by Guyfromtotaldrama January 21, 2021
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a show about a boy called timmy turner who gets two fairy godparents.
the fairly oddparents
by 3465 February 28, 2021
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the greatest hentai in existence. only the most intelligent of people can enjoy this.
“what kind of porn do you like?”
fairly oddparents hentai
“damn do you go to harvard law school too?”
by nsmloz November 7, 2017
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