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The first song of Week 7 (at this point in time) in Friday Night Funkin'. It is often considered one of the biggest bangers in the entire game.
Tankman: E E U E A E E e-e e i e o a e i i i E E U E A E E E A U E E Ugh!
by Guyfromtotaldrama August 5, 2021
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A revival of Elemental 3 played using a Discord bot. A quick search and you'll find an invite link to the discord server hosting the game.
Person 1: I played Elemental On Discord but I'm wondering why there is no #play7
Person 2: You can't know about #play7, for you shall perish.
by Guyfromtotaldrama January 5, 2021
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The perfect example of seasonal rot in a kids cartoon. What was once a great cartoon ruined by the introduction of new characters, like Poof, Foop, Sparky and Chloe.
Person 1: Man I remember when the Fairly OddParents was great, season 9 was when the show died.
by Guyfromtotaldrama January 21, 2021
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The season 2 finale of Amphibia. Known for two things: completely shattering the status quo, and the controversy surrounding its delay and subsequent leak.

King Andrias is evil (well we already knew), Sasha betrays Anne, Marcy had betrayed both from the beginning, King Andrias betrays all three, Marcy does more to redeem herself in five minutes than Sasha ever did during two seasons, Marcy dies (as in, out in a pickle jar by Andrias for whatever evil purpose), Sasha is stranded in Amphibia, Anne is stuck on Earth. Also Anne is in denial about Marcy's death (even though she's not dead and she doesn't know that but...).
True Colors A: *exists*
Person: Yeah Sasha betrayal was coming and we knew the King was evil but cool.
True Colors B: YES
by Guyfromtotaldrama August 5, 2021
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Supposedly the player with the best performance in one Brawl Stars game, but really it's just the R-T your Mortis random tried to kill during the entire game
Person 1: "Hey I managed to carry that game despite the fact that Mortis kept feeding the enemy R-T"
R-T: (is star player)
Person 1: "Is one mastery point short of Gold III mastery"
by Guyfromtotaldrama May 28, 2023
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Also known as "Mr. Park Avenue Manicure", city slickers have three usually drive fancy German cars, and they are often seen wearing Gucci loafers. They are often defined by their lack of farming experience, attempting to plant things such as gummy bears on soil with a PH of 9.6 when they clearly need a 7.8 max.
Person 1: Well well, look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car.
City slicker: This car was made in Guatemala!
Person 2: Well, PARDON US, Mr. "Gucci loafers".
City slicker: I bought these shoes from a hobo!
Person 1: Well, la-dee-da, Mr. "Park Avenue Manicure".
City slicker: I'm sorry, but I believe in good grooming.
Person 3: You ain't gonna grow nothing on the old Simpsons place, that's why yo daddy abandoned it!
City slicker: Oh, what do you know?
Person 3: Well, I know your soil PH is up around 9.6 and you need a 7.8 max.
City slicker: Oh, that's just superstition! You watch me, I'll grow something out there!
Person 3: Not if you're plantin' gummy bears!
City slicker: D'oh!
by Guyfromtotaldrama December 17, 2021
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