Bloom, Orlando: Protype of Perfect Male.

Created: information not accesable
Creator: Bootstrap Bill Turner

Specs (Standard Model): Stands 5'11; body is long, lithe, muscular; includes three unique identifying marks: a sun on the lower abdomen; an Elvish symbol on the inside of the right forearm; and long surgical scar on the back. Head includes thick, brown curls, expressive brown eyes (w/extra long eyelashes), small amounts of facial fair, pink lips, dimples. Speaks with cultured Southern British accent,

Additional Styles: rugged baggy shirt with rather tight pants, boots, sword, bucket of water of men smelling of pigs

Personality Features: romantic, headstrong, resourceful

Warning: subject may resort to self-sacrifice to save the woman he loves, may also do something stupid from time to time.
"I practice 3 hours a day so that when I meet a pirate, I can kill it."
by BookCrazy77 February 6, 2004
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A phrase to describe certain lyrics that Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets) writes. He comes up with very unique similes and metaphors that he is now famous for. This is referred to as a turnerism.
Listening to Suck it and See: "...You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock, and those other girls are just post-mix lemonade..."

Fan: Wow, what a brilliant Turnerism!
by esileysiad March 31, 2016
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(adj.) Heavily inebriated, to an even greater degree than shitfaced.
Dude, I can't make my meeting this morning as I totally got turnered last night.
by Cbeggs May 18, 2011
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A fictional character from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, portrayed by Orlando Bloom; Bootstrap Bill's son. Husband to Elizabeth Swann. Father to William Turner III.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon."
Will Turner is damn hot pirate.
by yaboots August 15, 2007
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An amazing person who is very caring.
He is cute and is an Amazing dancer.
He is EXTREMELY cute & funny.
You are lucky if you know a Turner.
He is really nice and cute.
He is a Turner.
by rayay46 May 3, 2011
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Has an aversion to sunlight, meaning they can usually be found in their bedroom - either playing on computer games or watching soap operas. Turner's are modest about their high intelligence, and sarcasm comes naturally to them.

On the whole they are hard working, fun to be around, loyal, thoughtful, kind and caring. They are also exceptionally good at making hot beverages.
Girl 1: Hey…who's that guy with Marie?
Girl 2: Oh…that's Turner
by Mazza E January 27, 2015
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A sweet person with an amazing personality
He is cute and funny and know how to cheer you up when you feel sad
He is the most amazing person you will EVER meet.
He is so funny. He is such a Turner.
by rayay46 May 3, 2011
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