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One of the best cartoonest every to pick up a pencil! Creater of Nick's Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom, both of which have had very high ratings...
Butch Hartman is one cool cat.
by KTisME February 15, 2006
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The guy who had exactly two good ideas and wasted them. Singlehandedly destroyed Danny Phantom, and has so much wrong with him it can't be fit into a definition, including but not limited to: scamming Kickstarter donors, tweeting transphobic stuff, claiming mental illness didn't exist until the year 2000, and telling Tara Strong she contributed to another voice actress's suicide.
Wow, Butch Hartman really sucks. No wonder Nickelodeon keeps away from him now.
by PhoenixPhantom August 03, 2018
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the man who single-handedly ruined nickelodeon with his crappy cartoons like the fairly oddparents and danny fantom.
butch hartman's cartoons all look the same, and on top of that, they suck.
by a genius January 04, 2007
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