When Jake showed off his Bachelors Degree one day at work by thinking "renal failure" meant "asshole failure" due to having the words renal and rectal confused.
"So we're discharging him for having asshole failure?"
by Nicoletinells October 22, 2019
When you wanna quit Piano Lessons but your mom says no so you secretly hire a "Piano Failure" to slowly help you lose your skill until its physically impossible to play the Piano so your mom lets you quit.
I want a Piano Failures
by Tannon+Eli February 14, 2022
when your toilet starts failing
ayo my toilet is failing come help.
i hate toilet failure
by Jasmine Lucas September 10, 2020
A name you can use to mention one of Failboats corrupted fans.
Look it's a Smug Failure spreading chaos with a smug look on his face.

The Smug Failure will bring chaos upon this cursed land.
by FailboatsCursedSoldier414 January 4, 2021
when the word failure isn't enough for your Asian parents to describe you...

you aren't just a failure, but you are failuring
need the intensity of the present progressive.
Mom: shit, its exam season again! Instead of watching my son failuring, I'll just disown him.
by akioweh May 21, 2022