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When Jake showed off his Bachelors Degree one day at work by thinking "renal failure" meant "asshole failure" due to having the words renal and rectal confused.
"So we're discharging him for having asshole failure?"
by Nicoletinells October 22, 2019
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A phrase to describe someone who is failing at life.
Oh, you see that kid there, the one who stares at cat pics in class? He's an Asspiring Failure.
by Gan12Maglev August 17, 2022
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Bladder failure refers to the act of being unable to hold your pee and releasing urine into your underwear or pants or possibly your sheets.
Was driving home and i really had to go. had a Bladder Failure in the car. so embarrassing
by The Bladder Master July 22, 2019
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An elternteil failure eltertīl is basically means calling someone a failure of one's parents. This may be used as a replacement word for mf.
by Hein Wortschöpfer November 8, 2021
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when you type someone’s name wrong in an email but the government knows who you were trying to contact and contacts them through esp anyways.
The e-mail failure had someone thinking about the sender during the day.
by Coop Dupe December 13, 2019
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when your toilet starts failing
ayo my toilet is failing come help.
i hate toilet failure
by Jasmine Lucas September 10, 2020
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