Guy one: My Child is sexually attracted to dream
Guy 2: Im guessing he was a Failed abortion
by Dreamphobe January 29, 2022
When your life sucks so much, it can't even end before it even starts.
"Someone please end my misery"

"Why would I, when your mother couldn't even do it, you failed abortion."
by Poonslayer429 March 20, 2017
A horrible insult that, if said by a parent to their child, is an indicator of domestic abuse.
"Tasha's father used to call her a failed abortion."
"I'd like to punch that man right in the face."
by DannySnuts51515 February 18, 2019
Really loud. Gets an urge to kill cute things and is a pedo but doesn’t realise it. #theyrealsoreallycuteandhaveaheartofgoldbutlikeyeh
Hey Dylan did you see failed abortion yesterday?
I sure did she was so loud
by McGlynnEvan December 20, 2019
/Ab-or-Shun Fail-Yur/
Also known as a unwanted pregnancy, Someone who is the result of a broken condom, defective birth control, or as the name states, when a doctor fails to abort an unwanted infant, many of these types of people often grow up to be dictators of countries, serial killers, rapists, cyberbullies and other unwanted types of people in society.
The weeboo hypocrite known as Shawn is a failed abortion, bullying others, accusing them of being gay while in the closet himself, a perfect advertisement of why condoms and birth control are needed.
by The Painful Reality January 30, 2019
A kid at school who you see and just HAVE to find out what they have. Of course, you can't ask them, because they have no ears: Instead, they have some twisted-balloon thingy growths! They can't talk in any human language, either. Also, they point and laugh at walls in a VERY low voice, lower than a man's voice, but it is a girl! Also, they have to move around in a wheelchair being pushed around and they drool on themselves. So, you look it up on the web. It's not any strange mix of birth deformities, down syndrome, autism, ect. It's a failed abortion!
Mike: "Hey, i-is that a girl?"
Jean: "I really can't tell."
Mike: "Aah! I think she looked at me!"
Jean: "It doesn't look like down or really anything."
Mike: "Must be a failed abortion."
by Aricia Azure April 14, 2010