5 definitions by McGlynnEvan

The lanky man from Douglas himself. Smart and fluent in ackmed, he is the dictionary.
“Hey what’s that word mean”
“I don’t know ask billy Murphy he is a dictionary
by McGlynnEvan November 28, 2019
The most beautiful, amazing, cute, gold-hearted, funny girl that has ever lived. An honestly perfect soulmate, so much so, that any man who has her will never let go of her.
Guy: Hey is that your girlfriend jess?

Guy 2: Yeh but bro. Its “is that your *wife* jess. then yes it is her.
by McGlynnEvan December 19, 2020
Word to describe the sexiest man alive. Be looking like a Creator called Tyler and be walking the walk to his talking the talk like Steven Hawkings couldn’t. No.1 member of the MadJenny Fan Club
Joe: Hey man, that guy is talking a load of brown, he is so not Jah.
by McGlynnEvan June 1, 2022
Really loud. Gets an urge to kill cute things and is a pedo but doesn’t realise it. #theyrealsoreallycuteandhaveaheartofgoldbutlikeyeh
Hey Dylan did you see failed abortion yesterday?
I sure did she was so loud
by McGlynnEvan December 20, 2019