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A kid at school who you see and just HAVE to find out what they have. Of course, you can't ask them, because they have no ears: Instead, they have some twisted-balloon thingy growths! They can't talk in any human language, either. Also, they point and laugh at walls in a VERY low voice, lower than a man's voice, but it is a girl! Also, they have to move around in a wheelchair being pushed around and they drool on themselves. So, you look it up on the web. It's not any strange mix of birth deformities, down syndrome, autism, ect. It's a failed abortion!
Mike: "Hey, i-is that a girl?"
Jean: "I really can't tell."
Mike: "Aah! I think she looked at me!"
Jean: "It doesn't look like down or really anything."
Mike: "Must be a failed abortion."
by Aricia Azure April 14, 2010
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Brain filters are what filter what you see and how you see it. They help you understand and recognize everything you see. If your brain filters are "clogged", you will begin to misunderstand things and mistake them for something else. If this happens to you, you need to change your brain filters. You can prevent damage to your brain filters by getting plenty of sleep.
I saw the letter w as zero today. My brain filters must need changing.
by Aricia Azure February 7, 2010
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