A day where all the failed abortions world wide can gather together and celebrate life!
"hey bud, you must've been born with a thick skull"
"yeah that's why they couldn't abort me lol"
"it's National Failed Abortion Day"
by afailedabortion November 1, 2021
I fucking hate edgelords, they're the definition of failed abortions.
by Exellent Degree November 15, 2022
Any person that is a fan of meowbahh,dream,z00philes,furrys,png tubers that r bad or someone who is any of those
Child:I like dream and I am a png tuber and I love love our dog
Dad:Great so I’ll tell you…
Mom and Dad: You are a Failed Abortion
A failed abortion is often regarded as an abortion that is failed (typically a child that the mother and/or father didn't want). Often times, a failed abortion is classified as someone who listens to bands like 6ix9ine, Lemon Demon, Radiohead, and/or the Beatles.

They play Undertale and inhale Mountain Dew. They're not the funny Fortnite gamers.
Bill: Hey, do you see that kid playing Among Us?
Jimothy: Yeah, he's a failed abortion.
Someone who is a total waste of human life who lacks common sense and big mistake on mummy and daddy
by DEAN JEANIE January 5, 2021