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A term used by young hetrosexual men to imply that their friend is actually an outrageously camp homosexual.
by Simon Drake May 12, 2006
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a stupiid fagget who seems to be a little nutted in the fucking head.;
guy: look at that fagnut:

gir: id like to fuck that fagnut:

guy: shut up whore.
by aaron god damn edwards July 15, 2010
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1.someone who is being a douche or acting in a doucheness fashion.

2. Another name to call your good friend.
Nerd- Hey do you guys want to go to the science museum.

Homeboy- Shut up fag nuts, lets go get some of dat shiz from dat bitch on the corna.

2. Hey there fag nuts, whats good?
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(n./ adj.) a person who is unpopular and only has one testicale; a fag with one nut
Jamie Bowe is a fag nut.
by jack paster September 25, 2008
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