I was completely fagatized by that guy I saw at the gay club last night! He was so pretty!
by Twatts February 03, 2010
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A cross over between Japanese looking emo a trendy and a fag. Fag-Gatou
Hey look a emo trendy looking fag, oh you mean the fagatou
by Wulang klan September 13, 2008
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Jimmy the douchebag decided to fagatize the porno by adding gay male hookers to the scene.

John the douchebag decided to fagatize the situation by talking about gay rights in a conversation about hot chicks.

Hugh the douchebag decided to fagatize the United Nations by being a faggy Brit.
by Conspiracy101 May 16, 2009
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a gay-man that usually dresses like a musketeer and acts like one.
Most of the time this is just a way to hit on non-fag people.
the total opposite of a Dushkarion
"Dude, seriously, there is a fagateer approuchin. Better tape your butflaps together."
by 1337zorian April 06, 2005
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