4 definitions by Wulang klan

Anyone that's loud at work and politically incorrect and make crude sexual jokes at the expense of other people.

Brandon: Hey Ken did you hear about the stripper that can shoot golf balls out of her ass? No I heard she gets a hole in one every time

Ken: Someone kill me, Brandon is such a Sabo.
by Wulang klan April 13, 2020
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A cross over between Japanese looking emo a trendy and a fag. Fag-Gatou
Hey look a emo trendy looking fag, oh you mean the fagatou
by Wulang klan September 13, 2008
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The use of excessive pride toward hiding their lack of knowledge of a subject, commonly followed by random ramblings and the passive aggressive sentences like "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME MAN.", "YOU'RE NOT SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE. " or "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT"
I went and talked to the engineers about a problem but I got freile
by Wulang klan April 13, 2020
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Wkhan is the act of someone talking nonstop gibberish or unintelligently rambling repeatedly trying to either run out the clock on a meeting or trying to aggravate the other person into a state of daze. Making the second party loose all hope they had to resolve the situation.
Mike: Hey Joe did you get any traction on project x

Joe: no wajid kept taking until the time of the meeting ran out and did not address the situation.

Mike: I see so you got wkhaned.
by Wulang klan April 13, 2020
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