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The act of slapping another person in the face with your cock. Hence leaving a large, red mark on their cheek.
That bitch wouldnt shut the fuck up so i had to fadunk her from across the room. Knocked the bitch out cold for two hours.
by Asshat November 18, 2003
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The sound made when a wet cock, usually right from the mouth of a female, slaps the face.
Dude, I pulled it out of her mouth and fadunked her!!!
by Jew Dog August 16, 2007
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(v.) to smack someone in the face with a penis that has recently ejaculated to leave a mushroom print. loads of fun.
Haha Jeff fell asleep and Matt fadunked him! I always thought those two were weird. Fadunk! Fadunkity dunk dunk dunk.
by anonymous November 29, 2003
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(v) The motion of taking ones penis, and slapping it across anothers face in a brisk motion; normally cauing severe head and neck trauma. (One is usually fadunked while the "fadunker" is in the process of ejaculation."
As the 5 year old mexican walked down the dark alley, he was randomly fadunked by a large black, hepes infested penis.
by Bosqueef March 08, 2005
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To slap a girl in the face, usually with the intent of leaving a mushroom stamp.
I fadunked this girl after I busted a nutt in her eye.
by Fadunker September 11, 2003
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