(British English) describes someone/something that is a picky eater.
Her dog is so faddy - he'll only eat people food!
by X-Murph July 28, 2017
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A friendly way of teasing a loved one or friend who is chubby or overweight. Friendly banter :)
Hina: hi Faddy
Ravi: hey Faddy :P
by MsPanda March 11, 2016
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A womans vagina. often called a fanny but now called a faddy for maximum silliness.
by FADDYNESS March 15, 2009
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A person who is keen to jump on the latest fad so to gain bragging rights among peers.
You know that faddie Sheila is going to buy the Apple touchscreen netbook before it hits the shelves.
by Ketch Rudder September 8, 2009
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Two or more people who are overweight ; combination of the word fat and buddies (sounds trendy like baddie)
Bob: oh my god they are so fat
Theresa: yea but they’re faddies
by urfavbrowngal;) June 25, 2018
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