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A mother who doesn't do shit for her kids but will post on her kids Facebook wall like she's parent of the year.

She never picks her kids up on her court appointed days, doesn't pay child support, can't throw down $20 for her kids sports yet:
Kid Facebook: Ugh I'm so sick, when will I get better?

Facebook Mom: Whatever you need I can be there within the hour.
by th3g1rln3xtd00r April 08, 2011
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A "mother" who posts facebook statuses to make herself look like mother of the year but does jack squat for her children.
That facebook mom ain't shit; always on her phone havin ass, givin her kids dry cereal for breakfast havin ass, usin child support for nails n makeup havin ass, always givin the kids away havin ass.
by 1T2C09KN1 July 14, 2016
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a female, usually single teenage parent who spends all her time on facebook wether it be on the computer or mobile phone leaving the kid to sit drink bleach or whatever, while still in a nappy that was put on god knows when. as they find being a parent isn't all it's cracked upto be.
"i went to _______ house last night and the baby was sat there in it's chair covered in yesterdays dinner with a shitty nappy while all she did was sit on facebook"

"yeah i know she's a right facebook mom that one"
by MosiahB June 06, 2009
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A parent that frequently neglects their duties as a mother and instead, updates their status on facebook constantly throughout the day
Ernie: Hey man, I was on facebook today and the only thing that came up on my news feed was updates from Sarah talking about how lonely she is and all the laundry she has to do

Wyatt: Dude she's such a Facebook Mom

Ernie: What's that?

Wyatt: Look it up on
by themaskedavengerrr February 26, 2010
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A woman who refuses to watch her children because she doesn't feel like she has to. She pawns her kids off on any unsuspecting grandma, aunt and uncle around to get out of her parental duties. Will completely ignore her child and it's safety unless someone points it out to her or if she thinks she can get Facebook likes from their pain. Will post an ugly duck faced picture with their kids every other day to make it seem like she actually spends time with them.
She's such a Facebook mom. Her skids get hurt because she won't watch them and she posts about the " accident" on Facebook.

Why is she letting her kid eat cat shit? OOh she's a Facebook mom she'll post about it in an hour.
by Kayelizabeth7 April 15, 2017
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The mom who acts like her family is perfect on Facebook. She post photos of her kids like they are the best, and talk highly of them. Acts like her family is better than everyone else's. After posting the photos of a "perfect" family on Facebook, they all start to fight.
"Hannah is such a facebook mom."
"She always post stuff on facebook about how her family is the best, when really they are the worst, and argue all the time."
by Facebook mom August 14, 2019
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Listen it could be the other definitions on here but for MY purposes it’s just a teasing term for an aunt, mom, sister even, grandma, or whatever lady in your life that angles the photo above their head to get that *pose* for Facebook to post an update of “Christmas cookies with the family 💕💕💕💕” or “just got my hair done with these girls!!!! They don’t seem too excited... lol”. Yah know, just good old moms on Facebook being moms on Facebook. Not too complicated.
When it’s thanksgiving and your mom somehow angles it with the *pose* with both her smiling and you’re in the background lookin the worst you’ve ever looked slaving over a bowl of mashed potatoes and then she captions it with something like “Working hard lol”. That’s MY version of a Facebook mom
by Yo ma m a December 08, 2019
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