A forum dedicated to intellectual conversation and not "LOL I MAEDED VIDEO IT R BESTEST xD!!!"

For the new people to Facepunch, you should use common sense and lurk a few weeks before you even think about posting as your terrible flash video or horribly incorrect statement will only make you look like an idiot and you WILL be banned.

The Forums include subforums allowing for easy classification, but the most populated are the General Discussion, Fast Threads, and the Garrysmod section.

The more controversial boards include the Oify, Furry, and Gay Pride, all of which bandwaggoners and Christians alike want taken down even though the people of FacePunch have a right to talk about their sexuality, fetish, or spam racism in the Oify.

The major problem facing facepunch today are the new people who think that their idea to fix the world's economy will somehow be brilliant and that it hasn't been thought of before by paid individuals. Another problem is the elitism that is rampant on facepunch, just because a member has a golden name they believe they are entitled to better treatment by the community than the lowly blues when in fact the only people entitled to better treatment are the mods, or they'll ban your ass.

Facepunch is full of intelligent people holding intelligent topics of conversations such as "My dick looks funny" "Is my dick normal" or "Does my dick look weird to you?" which are the hot topics of today's conversation.
Mod 1: (User was banned for the post (Reason : Alt of permabanned user))
by Vexont August 03, 2010
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A forum that is a clear wannabe 4chan. It was started by some asshole named Garry Newman, otherwise known as the fuckhole who invented Garry's Mod. He bitches about bandwidth, and has yet to fix most of the issues that are already present in Garry's Mod, instead he keeps adding new buggy shit. The moderators on this forum are complete retards who will ban you over the simplest things such as their own unwanted opinions on things. Nobody has joined up without being banned at least once. It's the only place where:

-You can get banned for posting the word "the".

-You can get banned for having a decent conversation without having the word "fuck" in every post.

-You can get banned for breathing.

-You can get banned for thinking about something.

-Moderators get hired not based on skill or appropriateness, but rather on them giving other mods / admins blowjobs and showing their asses / breasts.
Facepunch Member: The texture looks nice.

Facepunch Mod: Banned. Reason: Using the word "the" without first sucking our tiny cocks.
by Da Milkman October 21, 2009
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Facepunch Studios (Also known as FP, facepunch, facewound, fagsnightout, or shithouse) is one of the most controversial websites ever.

The following mods are assholes:
VeryNiceLady (Is a bitch, she bans for retarded reasons.)
Dragon (It's a FURFAG who bans for SHIT reasons)

The following members are fags/retards:
Big Blue
Big Blues alts
Dougs alts

The following sections should be deleted:
Furry Section
Fast Threads
Anything unrelated to Garry's Mod

History of Facepunch-
Facepunch was the website made for the game Facewound, back in the days. It is NOW the OFFICIAL forum for Garry's Mod (See Garry's Mod) but is now filling with other gay stuff.

Back in the day around 2006 someone requested the OIFY for fur porn (It was dragon) and Garry (See Garry Newman) gave it to him. It was (and is now AGAIN) hidden and the only way to get to it was to be logged in and change the forum display number to 56.

It has been run down, (Except for Craptasket, we love you dude) who is trying to bring peace back. It is mainly used for porn dumping, spam, and shit threads.

OIFY is very strange to people. They always ask what it means/stands for. There are a ton of explainations:
OIFY is Youll Figure It Out
OIFY is Only I fucked you!

Whatever it means, go die.
Person 1: I just signed up on facepunch!
Person 2: *has stroke*
Person 3: Quick, person 3, kill it with FIRE!
Person 4: *Kills it with fire*
by Concerned Facepuncher November 30, 2009
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(verb) to deliver (or the desire to deliver) a direct and deliberate punch to the face of someone or something

(noun) a direct and deliberate punch in the face of someone or something
(1) I am going to facepunch the next person who makes fun of my car.

(2) That tool needs a facepunch for the way he treated you.

(3) I am going to facepunch that calculus exam.

(4) I can't believe that it's snowing again; the snowflakes are like tiny little facepunches on my soul.
by drcoopa March 17, 2011
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'Facepunch' is for times when 'facepalm' just isnt enough...
Status- I didnt pop one out when she wanted me ._.

Guy #1- -Facepalm-

Guy #20 No dude, thats a -Facepunch-
by OMGITSME!!! April 15, 2011
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When you are fucking at mach 10 and slip into her ass by accident , she turns around and flips out so you punch her in the face.
Man i totally cabbage facepunched my ex last night.
by Sawatis February 16, 2019
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A popular garrysmod forum. It is lead by Garry Newman, or "garry" as most people call him. Garry is most known for banning people as well as all the other power mad Nazi's, or "moderators" as they like to be called (postal being the angriest of all). They usually ban for total bull crap reasons, such as posting in a "ban me" forum, or saying s phrase such as "stick it in her pooper". The forum is divided into 3 sections: facepunch studios, Garrys mod, and facewound (as well as the OIFY, a hidden sectioon). Facepunch are the sections relating to the facepunch forums in general, such as news and fast threads. the garrys mod section is the section relating to garrys mod and new mods/add ons. Facewound is a section relating to an upcoming 2d side scrolling shooter. The last section, the OIFY is a hidden section only accissible by it's URL. To view it you must have an account and be logged in. The OIFY is a non-moderated forum where anything goes, like a zoo uncontrolled by communist dictators and scary Nazi's with mental issues. The forums are also home to many cliché's such as "SHOOP DA WHOOP" and "it's a machiene code"
I was perma banned from facepunch studios by the communist Nazi postal, and the other mentally retarded mods because I broke a rule I didn't even know existed.
by Agent47sa April 15, 2007
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