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Common slag used within the gay community. Reacting with an extreme facial expression, to the point where it might make your face crack.
β€œWhen she came for me like that I had me the face crack of the millennium” - RuPaul
by eaterofdicks September 22, 2016
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When one becomes utterly addicted to FaceBook.

Face Crack interferes with the way your brain processes chemicals that create feelings of pleasure, so you need more and more of Face Crack just to feel involved. The feeling of panic is common side effect when the Internet can’t be accessed.

People who become addicted to Face Crack will exhibit a state of dependency by checking FaceBook several times a day – The idea of not knowing your friends every thought and/or what their doing at that very minute is the main cause of addiction.
Rich: I am thinking that everyone is addicted to Face Book...

CaCa: I need it. We all need it. U need it. Just admit it dammit! I (state ur name) gotta have Face Crack – I mean FaceBook.

Dawn: You both have a problem - go read a book.
by 1975rufus March 15, 2009
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