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A name derived from the word fabulous, often given to children who are inexplicably amazing and incredible. Most 'Fabiens', despite their unrivalled intelligence are unaware of the scale of their importance.

Some scientists believe that Fabiens evolved separately from most humans and have an advanced DNA, or are in fact descendants of an extraterrestrial race. The evidence for this is mostly based on the interactions of 'Fabiens' and females which frequently conclude with the female throwing themselves upon the unsuspecting 'Fabien.'
Man: "Where is my wife?"

Neighbour: "She left with that Fabien..."

Man: "Good for her."
by Rez 765 May 18, 2013
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A great guy with fantastic personality. He may be awkward and shy but once you get to know him he is a kind and caring person. He's into essentially everything so he is always fun to talk to but usually chooses to remain silent. Fabien is always a joy to have around
Oh Fabien is coming! I hope he brought snacks for us like he always does.
by Just your friendly neighbor September 09, 2016
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