Meaning: Fuck Your Life
Opposite of the popular FML term (Made famous by

To be used in...
1) A nerds timid way to express utter anger.
2) Describing a fucked up situation/event that a person is in, to that person.
Jock: Hey u little dweeby prick, pick the wedgie out ur stuck up ass you faggot.
Nerd: FYL, jock monkey!

Guy 1: My girlfriend just broke up with me, my Mom died, & I just got evicted for my fucking house Bob. Don't ask me why I'm crying!
Bob: FYL.
by Shotta March 24, 2009
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it's the alternate to the commonly known FML. instead of you, it's anyone else.
"Some girl said I had a small penis."
"Man that sucks, FYL."
"I know, FML."
by fmlfyl March 19, 2009
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'Today, I was walking with my girlfriend of a year and a half on the beach. Everything was fine until she saw a plane with a banner behind it saying "Cassie, will you marry me?" She said yes. I didn't order a plane.'
by Beakie March 16, 2010
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literally f*ck your life when you're saying a friend has had a bad day/experince
"dude i have tutor today from 11-1! fml"
"yeah seriously fyl"
by Teddy Jeehun Park July 8, 2009
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"Josh, you really suck... FYL!"
Friend: "Ugh, my boyfriend broke up with me... this really sucks"
You: "ahahhaha FYL!"
by jbabbbbby May 4, 2009
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