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FUCKTOWN, alternatively spelt as two separate words, is a description of an undesirable place either real or imagined. It generally embodies the worst possibilities and eventualities of the given situation it is applied to.
"If I get to work late again my boss is gonna send me to fucktown"

"I just cant seem to catch a break at the moment, I'm living in the middle of fucktown and it ain't getting better..."

"Mate if you don't stop talking to my girlfriend like that I'm taking you to fucktown, population you!"
by K9Guy October 06, 2009
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A great place to eat a hot dog, burrito, or tuna sandwich.
"I am hungry, think I will head on over to fucktown for a foot long"

"My jaw is so sore, I ate way too much at Fucktown"
by drainsnake December 17, 2011
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a place where no one wants to be. an imaginary town where losers or Fuckers should go to be by themselves.
when someone you dont like talks to you tell them u will blow there ass to fucktown. mandy u are a whore and i will blow u to fucktown
by zach youngblut April 18, 2007
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(noun): Any town that is either too small or nobody gives enough of a fuck to say its probably longer than necessary name.
God damit! i have to head over to Fucktown today for a volleyball game!
by Zoro 3 February 16, 2011
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Vienna is so far away, it's in fucktown.

The party was in fucktown, so no one went.
by baternanus October 11, 2017
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