Fatty Upper Couchie Area
also called:
Front Butt
"Eww Mrs Moss, get that big ass FUCA out of my face"
"Is that FUCA Cancerous?"
by billith February 15, 2005
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Renata: Man look at that guy over there...he definitely could lose a few pounds.
Alexsandra: Really? Cause I think his fuca looks damn sexy. Imagine trying to actually find a penis in that...Mission Impossible 5.
by xoguidettesaresexy January 16, 2010
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A shortened version for "fat upper crotch area". Fuca is usually used as a plural form of a group with both genders. Fuca may also be used for a single person, if they are confused as to what gender the fuca is.
by Tryn June 22, 2005
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See "Gunt." Acronym for "Fat Upper Cunt Area." The little fat area above the vagina but below the stomach.
I kicked her right in the fuca.
by Jason Spencer May 19, 2003
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The fatty, pouch like area in between a woman's belly button and her nether regions.
Fuca stands for Fat Upper Cunt Area
Jim-"wow, that chick is hot, nice body

Mike-"no way dude she had some major fuca going on there"
by cmmcgm December 11, 2008
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A person or animal with no set nationality or origin. Also, doesn't shave or has excessive fur.
"Wow! Yo Fuca, go back to your homeland(s)."
by Rob November 10, 2004
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That guy (or gal) at work that F*cks Ur Career in the A$$ because they are always messing up your projects, making random noises so you cant concentrate, forgetting to do important tasks, shows up late, leaves early, and plays computer games all day.... the worst is that your boss is too nice to fire him.
Mr. FUCA's biggest accomplishment today was updating their facebook status and making a starbucks run while "forgetting " to do the 2 things they were assigned at the office meeting.
by catchawave January 19, 2012
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