F*#@ U B*@tch
noob: YOU CHEATTTT !!!!
me: F-U-B !!!!
by David "Y0sh|" Magnant November 12, 2002
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It's quite simple. An acronym for Fist Up Bum. Get it? I'm sure you do.
Shut your face or I'll fub you.
by Mongel Child June 20, 2005
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If you dont like cursing, FUB means eff you b**. It came to origin because someone said eff you B, and another person responded, Fub?
"Your so lame, you dont even curse"
The other person just got owned
by i pwn u 2 February 18, 2010
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"Did you see that bird Nelly was with t'other night? She was a fub!"
by oldham matt November 24, 2008
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crush; A guy/girl that you are crushing on, but you don't want to like that person. So you want to have the fub ended right away.
Tyson is Tori's fub, but he is a preppy jock who is an A**-hole.
by April March 18, 2004
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Fourty inch rims. Spinning is not required but encouraged.
Yo cuz, my donk is rollin on fubs.
by nerrbody2 September 18, 2006
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