Man 1: That guy was making out with a FUB, did you see that?

Man 2: Yeah I did, she was ugly and fat. It almost made me throw up!
by Mike Jennings May 25, 2010
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The abbreviation of FUB means Fucking Ugly Boy.
Why are you dating the FUB you're way to HOT for him.
by UWRF Pitties October 07, 2019
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FUB = Fun Up Bitch! Similar to have a good time but more for College and highschool teens.
Sydney texted Kyle saying she was going to a Frat Party at the Delta House. Kyle replied #FUB(Fun Up Bitch)
by Atlas Morningstar November 30, 2018
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Alex 1: Bro, what do you reckon of that Brierley chick?
Alex 2: NO DEAL! She's a straight F.U.B
by A Vo June 27, 2010
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Fuck You Buddy.. ususally used in irc >.>
...fub... <<-- cant get any simpler than that
by SigENeaT November 14, 2004
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