A sausage fest with douchebag frat boys who let a lot of girls in and hardly any guys so they can slip date rape drugs into the girls drink and have sex with them because obviously they can't rely on their charm.

A big gathering of fags
I went to the Delta Chi frat party and got date raped. Now I am knocked up and I don't even want to ask for child support because the fraternity average gpa is a solid c- and I doubt he will be making any money if he graduates anyways.
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Frat Party: Gathering of a bunch of sweet dudes in Delta Chi
frat party examples: ballers, hommies, not clowns
by P to tha B December 9, 2005
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when a whole bunch of college students meet up to have a party, ussually, there are more gurls than guyz, so that the guyz can slip club drugs and the girl will have sex with the guy cuz of the drugs. Gennerally, its a group of guys who cant get laid cuz of their looks and want to cheat on a girl to get her to have sex with him. Losers.
Alan: Yo, this hot girl fucked me at that frat party last night. It wuz great.
Neil: WHat was her name?
Alan: I have no clue, the sex was great though.

Amanda: What a faggit.
Chantel: I know right? Just cuz they cant get a girl.
by Always sexy April 26, 2006
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A bunch of guys in the same fraternity called "fraternity brothers" getting together and having an awesome time. Generally, there are more girls than guys because girls are attracted to strong male organizations. Guys who are not in these fraternities usually look in from the outside with jealousy because there girlfriends are in there.
GDI 1: "Hey man, did you see that frat party last night?"

GDI 2: "Yeah man, that looked awesome! SAE sure does throw some awesome parties! I wish I was one..."
by mchrisyoung August 22, 2010
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When someone says this, they are indicating that either the music is too low in the venue they are in or that the music selection is bad to the point that no one is dancing or even listening. Which can be commonly found situations in many frat parties thereby comparing the party they are at to a frat party.

Upon recognizing these events an individual should exclaim either "time to DJ this Frat Party" or "yo, someone DJ this Frat Party" and then proceed to take command of whatever device is being used to emit the sound produced at the party. He or she may choose to plug their own portable means of music reproduction if they choose but once this word is declared the party must improve in quality.
'everyone sitting down in their respective corners at a party while you stand close to the computer playing some terrible john mayer or dave matthews band song.'

'turning to your homie,' "yo time to DJ this Frat Party!"

...frat party turns to rave house party; everyone pops e; everyone gets laid
by cuse917 February 24, 2011
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The act of pouring beer on a girl's brown eye before having anal sex. No popped collar required.
I was hooking up with Julie and there was no lube in sight, so I poured my PBR down her ass crack and we had a Nantucket frat party
by KBB September 20, 2007
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