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A game for the uber-geeks of the world (like me) to come and speak a language completely unintelligable to non-players.
Dungeons and Dragons: Skills, feats, and elves! Oh my!
by Darth Kiljoy July 27, 2006
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A genre of music related to techno and electronica. It's generally upbeat and energetic.
Eiffel 65, ATC, and the Vengaboys are great examples of Eurodance.
by Darth Kiljoy June 28, 2006
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Fan-made Music Video

A more generalized version of AMV that includes videos that aren't based on Anime.
Examples of FMVs could include and aren't necessarily limiited to songs put to clips from a video game (especially games from companies like Microsoft since they aren't based in Japan), a movie, a television show, a SlideShow or non-anime cartoons.
by Darth Kiljoy March 31, 2007
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A fantasy novel series started in 1986 with the book of the same name by the British author Brian Jacques. It is a series of stories of the history of the fictitious Redwall Abbey and some major characters prior to Redwall being built. The characters in this series are animals, usually hares, badgers, mice, and otters being the good guys and the villains commonly being stoats, weasels, rats, foxes and other rodents with bad reputations.

It currenly has 18 installments and the chronological order of each story's events places the novels in a completely different order than their publication date.
The series began in 1986 with the book Redwall.
by Darth Kiljoy March 03, 2007
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An a cappella group started in 1986 at Brown University by David Stix, Steven Keyes, Sean Altman, and Elliott Kerman solely for their love of music.

Still around today, though none of the original members remain in the group, they are best known for their stint on the show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and a highly successful Folgers Coffee commercial. Their CD Don't Tell Me You Do arguably brought them the most national respect.
Rockapella is arguably the most popular a cappella group out there today.
by Darth Kiljoy March 21, 2007
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Something that is so good that it figuratively (or literally) gives you an orgasm.
The woman serving the meals was so hot that she was orgasmically good looking.
by Darth Kiljoy June 26, 2006
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