'Fuck My Dissertation'. Like FML (Fuck my life) but used about dissertation.
'I have one week to do my whole dissertation. FMD'
This work for my dissertation is really hard, like impossible. FMD'
by bjqueen March 13, 2010
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"For Massive Damage".

From the Sony 2006 E3 press conference. During the Genji 2 demo the presenter said, "So here's this giant crab. And you attack its weakpoint for massive damage".

Also, they fought giant enemy crabs in Ancient Japan, evidently.
Can be used actively:
Wii360 > PS3 FMD. Reads "The Nintendo Wii and Microsoft 360 combo owns Sony's PS3 for Massive Damage."

Can be used reflexively:
Sony's price announced at $599US hurt themselves FMD.

by Ignoramouse May 30, 2006
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Fuck my dick. When you are sexting someone and you have a bonner. And you want to fuck the person you are texting with your Dick.
Girl:Hey I'm bored and alone!

Boy: FMD I'll be right over.

One other example

Girl: Hi,I think your hot.

Boy: FMD
by Trend# November 29, 2016
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Fmd, shorter version of ‘fuck me daddy

Commonly used when sexting ;)
Bf: what do you want me to do with you ;)

Gf: you know what I want
Bf: no tell me

Gf: I want you to fmd
by bigbrain:)) August 18, 2020
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Fuck Me, Daniel - a term coined on the hipster blogging site Tumblr, a simple way for fangirls to express extreme lust to anything related to German actor Daniel Bruhl.
Fangirl #1: Oh my god, she posted pictures of Daniel Bruhl.
Fangirl #2: FMD. FMD. FMD.
by hugostiglitz- December 27, 2009
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