The act of taking a great shit that makes you feel 8+ more pounds lighter.
Person 1: Hey hows it going??

Person 2: Fantastic, I was just FLOATING a couple of minutes ago.

Person 1: You must feel good now!!
by ALI-G RESPECT September 18, 2009
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Used instead of walk. Especially popular in Central and Eastern North Carolina.
Let's float over there and see what's cooking.
by RaleighMan March 31, 2010
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Modest Mouse's first single off of Good News for People Who Love Bad News, their fouth LP.
We'll all float on, OK.

by Walter June 02, 2004
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To rise above the bullshit, the bad news, or difficult times.
Instead of letting it get you down, just float on, girl.
by YinzerFromPGH January 22, 2019
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A term used in reference to letting someone borrow money from you. See also front and spot.
1. I'll float you the money on that fifth 'till your payday man.

2. Yo dawg, float me some money so I can take shanaynay out on a date and get some tang!
by theSOTC March 14, 2005
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Float On is a great song made by one of the best bands ever, Modest Mouse. (Oh gee, i have a different opinion then the 1/7ths of you who disagree. Tar and feather me.)

It is one of the bands more popular songs. However, hardcore Modest Mouse fans regard it as annoying due to the high level of people running around stating shit like "D00d, modest mouse float on was a great song but trailer trash sucked man i wish there were other songs" Despite the fact that Modest Mouse has mad a large amount of musical genius, such as "The Whale Song," "Dashboard," and "Ocean Breathes Salty," Float on remains just to be a giant whore to the other songs.

Most Modest Mouse haters (Who probably only listened to 2 of the bands old songs) Would state "I liked Float On, but those other 2 1999 songs i heard sucked so therefor Modest Mouse Sucks and so does indie and damn anyone who says otherwise"
Great song, but there are better from Modest Mouse.

Oh yeah, float on.
by nogatsiaK April 08, 2010
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Wandering around, esp. while high.
We jacked up on heroin and floated around the club.
by RadiKS December 08, 2002
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