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acronym for Failure Is Not an Option
Jerry C. Bostick, Flight Dynamics Officer of the Apollo 13 mission, said to the 1995 movie's script writers, "We just laid out all the options, and failure was not one of them.", which totally inspired the writers and gave them the line, "failure is not an option" - or FINO.
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1. a person with a great personality: nice, good, awesome, perfect.

2. a person who likes girls, especially ones that have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a cute smile.

3. a person who lets you be who you are

4. a person who is hot, in other words, hot in the physical way.

5. a person who can turn you on

6. a person who doesn't let life ruin who he truly is

7. a person that you can love forever and never let go of

8. a person who can show you who you truly are

9. a person who can fix you life in a split second

10. a person who is truly there for you
Fino is like a hawaiian boy on an island who is great at being himself
by lexiehawaiiangrl14 July 21, 2006
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Friend In Name Only: A one-time close friend with whom you still presumably share mutual warm feelings, but seldom (if ever) actually see or communicate with anymore. (Rhymes with "wino")
Russ and I were best buds back in the early '00s, but the last time we spoke was Obama's election night. Guess these days he's basically just a FINO.
by CJBinPDX July 02, 2011
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Abbreviation (Friend In Name Only) - FEE-no or FIN-oh: The social position of someone who receives no benefits of being called a friend, but is referred to as a friend by someone else.

Often a girl will want a guy to be a F.I.N.O.. this may be due to an advance rejected, or the guy not being at a proper social, or economic status.

The purpose of which is to allow a person to say they are friends with someone else, but never actually be a friend and interact with them.
guy: so are you saying we are going to some how be friends, yet not speak?

girl: i think its better, don't you?

guy: i don't see how we can be friends in that scenario.

girl we can be. there!

guy: i'm no F.I.N.O.

girl: what's that?

guy: a friend in name only.
by adinnieken June 27, 2009
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Ship-name for 2 mother fuckin' retarded people!!!! They fuck every night and love their life together. Fuck them!!!! LOL!
Ugh! They are such a fino.
by fuckin'awesomedudes January 25, 2017
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A person with charisma but if emotionally detached from society and his/her peers.
Joe Fino
by Joe Fino January 13, 2004
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First in - never out.
This means that the items first placed in a container are never put out again, and begin rotting.
Why do you always put the new clothes on top of your stack in the wardrobe? This is a true FINO behavior!
by s2yfrk November 10, 2009
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