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Abbreviation for "Face I'd Like to Cum On."
Guy1: Man, look at that girl. She has a beautiful face. And those blowjob eyes oh my god!
Guy2:Yeah she has a real FILCO!
Guy1:Filco? Wtf is that?
Guy2: Look it up on I just added it.
Guy2:What's wilco?
Guy1:It's army slang for Will Comply.

Guy2:Does this conversation ever end?
Guy1:Well, the guys from have left us a lot of space in the Example section. Why not make most of it?
Guy2:What should we talk about?

Yeah, no, I'm not gonna type anymore it's tiring.
by TheWall222 November 19, 2011
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A female with a countenance (face) that is deemed worthy to have masturbatory fluids doused on said countenance. A Face I'd Like to Cum On.
Pervert 1: I say brethren, her face looks like a cupcake in need of frosting.
Pervert 2: You need not worry my friend, I think I can be of service; she's got a FILCO.
by rochristeph2 September 10, 2009
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